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The field of histology is one of the sub-disciplines of anatomy (anatomy science) that microscopically examines the structures that make up the human body and other animals. Undoubtedly, knowledge of the natural and normal structure of the tissues that make up the organs in the body is essential and fundamental to compare their structure with the patient's abnormalities. In other words, to better understand the changes that occur in the tissues of the body following various diseases, it is necessary to first be familiar with the natural and healthy structures of these tissues.
Biochemistry is the science that studies the chemical reactions that take place within organisms. This science combines different elements from biology and chemistry. In the early twentieth century, this knowledge was recognized as a separate science. Biochemists or biochemists study large molecules such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates that are important in the metabolic reactions of various organisms and that affect cellular activity. Biochemists, on the other hand, study the structure and function of molecules such as enzymes and DNA.